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CUE provides an offline, network-free communications protocol using ultrasonic audio. See what the Power of Sound can do for you.

What is CUE?

CUE transmits data between any microphone and speaker using sound waves. Exchange information with no reliance on WiFi, Bluetooth, or Cellular Service.


Design your product in our client portal. Products include an acoustic modem, light shows, ultrasonic push notifications, broadcast solutions, and more.


Download the CUE audio file for your new product, which contains inaudible, ultrasonic signals. Do not modify this lossless audio file in any way.


Convert any speaker into a smart speaker by playing your audio. The audio file will initiate your product on any nearby smartphone running CUE.


From synchronized light shows to Ultrasonic Push Notifications that enhance content for viewers at home, CUE's products help you innovate.

Engage Your Entire Audience

By utilizing existing speaker infrastructure, a proprietary ultrasonic communications protocol, and the hardware fans bring in their pockets, CUE routinely synchronizes crowds of 20,000-120,000, captures the world's largest simultaneous selfies, choreographs spectacular smartphone light shows, and hosts massive multiplayer trivia games. Millions of live event attendees download and engage with CUE's live event product suite each year.

Acoustic Modem

License CUE's acoustic modem for your own custom use case. Third parties have used CUE’s ultrasonic communications SDK for applications as diverse as proximity awareness, wayfinding, ACR, keynotes and synchronized augmented reality.

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Broadcast Application

While bluetooth signals cannot be embedded into a broadcast, CUE's data-over-ultrasonic-audio protocol enables on-screen content to communicate seamlessly with nearby devices in a manner completely imperceptible to the viewing experience; moreover, this is accomplished without the need for pre-cataloguing audio, as required by ACR services.

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Featured Products

We offer turnkey products to help you turn heads at your next event!

Light Shows

Create a synchronized light show in your venue, controlling fans’ phone screens, flashlights and smartphone speakers. No WiFi, Cell Service, or additional hardware required.

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Global Sync

Using a lightweight "Internet of Things" (IoT) protocol, synchronize fans phones with any CUE activation including light shows, selfie cams, and trivia games!

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Live Trivia Games

The only real-time, synchronized trivia game designed for the live event setting. Fans compete to answer custom multiple choice questions and win real prizes.

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Use CUE's drag-and-drop builder to create Apple Wallet and Google Pay coupons. These coupons easily integrate with other CUE products, like Light Shows, Selfie Cams, Trivia, and UPNs.

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Clients and Partners

Our clients and partners are across several verticals, including sports, corporate events, music, manufacturing, and retail.

CUE Technology & White Paper – Look Under the Hood

Read an overview of CUE's acoustic modem, from throughput to reliability and distance. Checkout a white paper on our CUEcast technology that deploys Bluetooth as a new form of ACR.

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