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Light show synced to music

Light Shows

Create a customized light show using the attendees' mobile devices.

Sync video board to second screen

Second Screen

Sync the crowd's mobile devices to facility video boards.

Synchronize mobile phone speakers

Make it loud

Raise the volume by controlling each attendee's device speaker.

Synchronized selfie cam

Selfie Cam

Increase participation by synchronizing photo sharing.

Synchronized Gamification


Turn smartphones into gaming devices.

increase merchandise sales


Increase sales by directing attendees to online merchandise.

Customized light show in real time live event concert DJ

DJ Mode

Control sound, screen and light from crowd's devices in real time.

Coupons to fans mobile devices QR code digital coupon live event


Reward attendees with coupons and discounts during your event.

"It was a great pleasure to work with CUE Audio on a recent project. The impact of the lights during the intros at this game was tremendous. Everyone was talking about it; fans, coaches, players and media all were blown away by the visual effects."

– Brian Morgan Assistant Athletic Director, Marquette

Case & ROI Studies

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CUE Audio transmits data via ultrasonic audio signals to any sound-based device, allowing for customizable second-screen experiences and secure data transfers, without the need for Wi-Fi or network connectivity.

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