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With the CUE Live app open on a nearby smartphone and your volume up on your desktop, click on the icons to broadcast ultrasonic CUEs and to create a second-screen experience on your phone.

Through the Power of Sound

CUE uses ultrasonic, inaudible sound to connect you to your audience without having to rely on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular service – or any additional hardware.

iPhoneAudio Beacon (Normal Speaker)


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Make CUE part of your app.

Bring CUE technology to your app. Don’t have an app? No worries. Our team can design a custom app specifically for your event.

"We used the light show product last night for the first time and it was a HUGE success! It looked awesome in the house with everyone in sync! The client loved it! We will definitely incorporate this again!"

— Rob Borannco Producer, Disney Event Group

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CUE Audio transmits data via ultrasonic audio signals to any sound-based device, allowing for customizable second-screen experiences and secure data transfers, without the need for Wi-Fi or network connectivity.

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