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daktronics press release cue audio fan engagement video board second screen

Daktronics, CUE Audio Partner in 20,000-Plus Venues

Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) has partnered with CUE Audio to deliver customized second-screen content to millions of mobile devices in stadiums, arenas and other venues equipped with Daktronics video displays.

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Jul. 30, 2018

cbs news cue audio usc fan engagement light show

How To Be Part of USC's Light Show

Have you been to a University of South Carolina men's or women's basketball game this year? Chances are you've noticed the light show during the intro videos. The app is called 'Gamecock Lights' and it's geared to involve the fans in...

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Feb. 27, 2018

xlive interview founder Jameson Rader cue audio fan engagement data over audio

XLIVE Interview Series...

This week on the XLIVE Interview Series we sat down with Jameson Rader, founder of CUE Audio. CUE Audio is known for their white label, ultrasonic synchronization technology that creates experiences for fans and companies by sending data with ultrasonic audio. We spoke to...

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Jun. 19, 2018

onmilwaukee news cue audio fan engagement light show

Diplo warms a cold night, and...

While the 60-degree temperatures made it feel like the middle of fall rather than summer, the atmosphere at the new U.S. Cellular Connection Stage Friday night with Diplo made those who attended feel like Summerfest is in full swing. Summerfest officially opened the...

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Jun. 23, 2018

nbc news cue audio purdue fan engagement light show

BoilerBall Lights phone app...

Purdue basketball puts on a really good show at Mackey Arena this season as the Boilermakers chase a Big Ten title. The show really starts when the lights go out before the game and fans hold up their smartphones. The BoilerBall Lights phone app from Omaha-based...

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Feb. 28, 2018

coca cola press release cue audio fan engagement light show

CUE Audio, Coca-Cola Partner...

CUE Audio and Coca-Cola partnered to enhance fans’ game day experiences throughout the 2017–18 collegiate athletic season, creating 170 synchronized light shows for some of the country’s top programs, including Clemson University, West Virginia University...

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Jun. 27, 2018

UNC press release cue audio fan engagement light show

CUE Audio, University of North...

When the lights went down in the Dean E. Smith Center, University of North Carolina fans welcomed the 2017–18 Tar Heels men’s basketball team to the court using their cell phones and CUE Live technology. In order to be part of the light show, fans simply opened their Tar Heel...

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Jun. 27, 2018

edmonton oilers press release cue audio fan engagement light show

Welcome to the Flashmob: ...

The Edmonton Oilers were at it again during their 2017–18 season, leading the NHL with their use of state-of-the-art technology to increase fan engagement. For the first time in Oilers history, fans engaged in an interactive light show – dubbed “Flashmob” — from the palms of...

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Jun. 27, 2018

CUE Press Kit

Launching in September 2017, CUE is the global leader in live event data-over-audio technology and one of the world’s fastest growing data-over-audio technology companies across all industries...

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Sep. 05, 2017

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