What is Pledge Per Win

Pledge Per Win is a turnkey solution to dramatically increase youth, high school, college and even professional sports fundraising.

Appropriate for ALL sports, Pledge Per Win is easily converted to Pledge Per Stat i.e.: 3-Pointer, block, touchdown, goal, strikeout, birdie, pin, etc.

We suggest clients tailor the product to fit their organizational goals. The ability to customize pledge levels and criteria helps to enhance the user experience for any nonprofit and raise philanthropic support.

Using Pledge Per Win in conjunction with our award winning CUE Live fan engagement suite of products, can bring more awareness to your campaigns. Send fans directly to your custom Pledge page after the pregame light show or get them involved by advertising with on-screen content during the intro video.

Multiple Campaigns

Create and run multiple campaigns at the same time! With CUE’s pledge per win platform, teams of any size can have their own custom campaign. From golf to football and softball to soccer, you're able to raise funds based on your goals and accomplishments. Birdies, touchdowns, strikeouts and more! Each campaign has a custom website to easily attract new donors. Exhibit your QR code and short link for fans to quickly signup for your campaigns.

Client Portal

Finally, an easy-to-use client portal that automates giving. Now you can build your custom pledge per win website with a few clicks, toggles and submits. Determine the time, event details and giving levels of your campaign by answering a few questions and inputting your team colors and images. We'll quickly create your custom website for your campaign. Once live, the client portal will assist with charging and communicating to your fans. Easily send custom text messages to donors after the game to thank them and celebrate the team's success.

How it Works

Donors sign up through a customized website and pick the sport and criteria to support their favorite team.

The benefits go beyond the ease of raising money and include:
Increase in annual fund donor acquisition.
Lead generation in the
major gift prospect pipeline.
Data collection, retargeting for new season ticket holders and more.
All sports now have a fun new way to support and engage their fan base.

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