Our Pledge Per Platform is a turnkey solution developed to dramatically increase youth, high school, and collegiate fundraising initiatives.

It's simple.
Selected your team(s) and determined the necessary game criteria and pledge levels. Share the webpage with donors asking them to participate by entering their pledge, contact, and billing information*.

Then the fun begins! After each event, quickly use the online portal to input the game's results and send a short message to participants sharing the results and your appreciation, triggering an automatic charge to their account.

Create and run multiple campaigns at the same time! Teams of any size can have their own custom campaign. From golf to football and basketball to soccer, you can raise funds based on your goals and accomplishments!


Build and edit your website with a few clicks, toggles, and submits. Determine the time, event details, and giving levels of your campaign by answering a few questions.

Once live, the client portal will assist with charging and communicating with your fans. Easily send custom text messages to donors after the game to thank them and celebrate the team's success.

Use Pledge Per Platform with any of our fan engagement products to bring more awareness to your campaigns!

Send fans directly to your website after a pregame light show, selfie cam, or competitive trivia game!

annual fund donor acquisitions.

Generate leads in the major gift prospect pipeline.

Collect data to target new season ticket holders and more.

Create a fun new way to support and engage your fan base!

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Tennessee Light Show


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*All billing information entered will go directly to Stripe to keep the organization's hands clear of payment details. CUE Audio partners with Stripe, to maintain the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

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