Pledge Per Fundraising

Your New Favorite Fundraising Platform

The Pledge Per Fundraising Platform is a fundraising solution that enables donors to make conditional pledges to organizations. Donors can commit to a specific amount of money over a designated period of time, and payments will only be made once a predetermined condition is met. Raising money for a cause or organization can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience and a great way to give back! With CUE’s Pledge Per fundraising platform, you can easily raise funds that go directly towards supporting teams and organizations of any size.

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Support Your Team & and Engage Your Fans!

Mobile Friendly

Your supporters can access the site on their mobile devices and update their pledges
anytime, anywhere!

Easy Setup

Setting up your campaign takes less than 5 minutes! Build and edit your custom website with a few clicks, toggles, and submits.

Timely Processing

With just a few clicks, you can quickly send a message to participants and charge their credit cards

The Advantages of Pledge Fundraising

It is often times easier to get donors to commit to a pledge vs a large one-time donation.

It provides an easy way to collect donor information for additional communication and interaction.

It capitalizes on speed and excitement around a season/event. 

It creates an easy way to engage with non-traditional donors that want to support friends and family.

A Great Solution for NIL Collectives

The Pledge Per Fundraising model allows for annual philanthropic support from donors, providing a much-needed revenue driver for the collectives. Student-athletes also have the option to use the platform for marketing themselves and building up their brand. With the rapidly growing support for NIL Collectives, it's an option you need to consider!

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Active Partners

TCU Flying T Club

NIL Collective for Texas Christian University

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Iowa Swarm

NIL Collective for Univ of Iowa

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Bayou Traditions

NIL Collective for Louisiana State University

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Fowler Ave. Collective

NIL Collective for University of South Florida

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NIL Collective for University of Louisville

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901 Fund

NIL Collective with Memphis

Visit the Site

To the Top Collective

NIL Collective for the University of Southern Mississippi

Visit the Site

Empower the Next

NIL Collective for Illinois State University

Visit the Site

Fear the Wave

NIL Collective for Tulane Baseball

Visit the Site

Home of the Brave

NIL Collective for Bradley University

Visit the Site

Black River Soccer

Athletics Club

Visit the Site
Tennessee Light Show


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