Smartphone Light Shows & Fan Engagement

"I think CUE is one of the best fan experience items that we've added to our gameday since we hung our center-hung scoreboard. Instantly fans were in it. Instantly, fans felt more a part of the game. If you want your fans to have a truly immersive experience, to feel a part of the game, this takes it to another level."

Jimmy Delaney

Associate Athletic Director


Engage your fans and attendees in inspiring and engaging ways to improve fan engagement.

Light Shows

Create a synchronized smartphone light show in your venue, controlling fans’ phone screens, flashlights and smartphone speakers. No WiFi, Cell Service, or additional hardware required.

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Fanatic Filters

Using cutting-edge technology, Fanatic Filters will up your in-venue and mobile presentation with custom filters. From reactive immersive filters to branded custom filters, you can make the most of any fan engagement opportunity on the video board or mobile.

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Put your fans on the big screen with FanSee! Our live video platform allows fans to scan a QR code and instantly stream video from their mobile device to the video board.

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Battle Royale Trivia

Say goodbye to your old boring trivia game and hello to the only real-time, synchronized trivia game designed for any live event setting. Fans compete to answer custom multiple-choice questions and win real prizes.

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Selfie Cam

CUE's Synchronized Selfie Cam is a shared experience captured in hundreds or thousands of selfies, all snapped at precisely the same moment.

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Digital 50/50

CUE's fundraising solutions make it easy to create and run your fundraiser no matter the size, time, or location of your event. Are you ready to raise?

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Use CUE's drag-and-drop builder to create Apple Wallet and Google Pay coupons. These coupons easily integrate with other CUE products, like Light Shows, Selfie Cams, Trivia, and UPNs.

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CUE's Ultrasonic Push Notification is a messaging framework for embedding text, hyperlinks, images, and location coordinates into sound. Integrates seamlessly into broadcasts.

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Happy Clients

Why use CUE at your Live Event?

CUE is used at over 800 live events annually. Operating routinely in the largest of stadiums and arenas with NFL, NCAA, and Fortune 500 partners, CUE has an intimate understanding of high-stakes environments in which, due to heavy load and saturation, network connectivity is prone to failure while coordination of mobile devices is in high demand.

CUE has implemented an infrastructure of ultrasound at venues around the world, synchronizing crowds of up to 120,000 and making our Live Event Product Suite possible. We've accomplished this with a success rate of 100%, all while only making use of existing speaker infrastructure -- no additional hardware required.

Tennessee Light Show

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Visit our Demo page to try the Live Event Product suite now. All you need is a laptop together with an iOS or Android device.

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Check out our Case Studies and Press to see what our Live Event Product Suite can do for your live event. Read our blog to see what CUE is up to next.

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