The Indianapolis Colts' mobile light show activations were a standout success this season, showcasing the team's dedicated effort to create an immersive and engaging experience for fans. With the team's mobile app, fans could participate in visually stunning activations that left lasting impressions.

The light show allowed fans to become part of the game-day experience by using their smartphones to light up Lucas Oil Stadium during both the pre-game and halftime shows. The activations were a massive hit with fans, as over 60k unique users accessed the mobile app to participate; this is nearly double the number of app opens that other NFL teams typically see.

As part of the activation, the Indianapolis Colts introduced synchronized selfie and trivia features that automatically activated after the light shows. By taking a selfie and adding team-branded filters, fans could showcase their images on the stadium's video board or share them on social media. With over 800 selfies shared, this marks a new record for selfies taken during a single event. Additionally, more than 750 coupons were delivered to fans that participated in the trivia game. 

The light show activation was a huge success and demonstrated the team's dedication to providing a unique game-day experience. The innovative use of technology and the partnership with Coca-Cola helped create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all fans who attended the games.

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