NIL Collectives are a recent development in college sports. They developed a new way to compensate college athletes for using their name, image, and likeness. These independent entities enter into contracts with college athletes, allowing them to monetize their fame and reputation while still in school.

The Pledge Per fundraising platform is an exciting new option for NIL Collectives, as it offers a turnkey fundraising model for any sports team or organization. In addition, the platform allows for annual philanthropic support from donors, providing a much-needed driver for the collective. Student-athletes also have the option to use the platform for marketing themselves and building up their brand. For example, Michigan Football kicker Jake Moody set up a page where donors can get behind his philanthropic interests.

One of the most significant benefits of using the Pledge Per platform is its increased exposure and marketing opportunities. In addition, the platform allows collectives to interact with a larger audience to gain more support for their work. It also provides an opportunity for the entire collective to benefit rather than just a single student-athlete allowing for a more equitable distribution of funds that ensures all collective members will benefit. 

The platform is cost-effective as it does not require any tangible benefits to be fulfilled, such as the production and distribution of merchandise like hats, t-shirts, and stickers, which would consume additional time and resources.

With the rapidly growing support for NIL Collectives, it's an option you need to consider. Learn more at