CUE Audio is excited to unveil our newest product, LIGHTS+.

This revolutionary technology enhances our award-winning synchronized mobile light show technology by adding on-field, on-court, on-anything lights to events around the world.

The Denver Broncos incorporated LIGHTS+ into their holiday halftime show by creating a ”runway“ on both sidelines of the field for their official parachute team, Thunderstorm. The lights on the field were in perfect sync with the fans mobile phones to compliment the video board show creating a memorable experience for all. After the light show fans were promoted to take a quick photo that they could then apply Broncos holiday branded filters to which could be shared to the video screen or on social channels.

This product is very versatile and could be used to enhances player introductions or other in-game entertainment activations, creating a more dynamic and visually stimulating environment for both players and fans.

If you're interested in learning more about this innovative technology or bringing it to your venue, contact us today.