University of Kentucky - Trivia


The University of Kentucky needed a new fan engagement element for their Men's Basketball halftime show. Having partnered with CUE to bring the light show to Rupp Arena, Kentucky hoped to leverage CUE's new Synchronized Trivia as the solution for their halftime show. Game producers turned off the lights during halftime to better drive the call to action for fans to open their BBN FX App. During the trivia game, Miss Kentucky would read the questions and the on-court MC would read the possible answers. Fans enjoyed the opportunity to compete head to head for unique prizes. For those who did not compete, a light show with game results could be seen throughout the arena.


Kentucky // Coca-Cola

  • Create a unique and engaging halftime show.
  • Utilize existing app, BBN FX built by CUE Audio.
  • Stay within budget.
  • Simple to implement for all teams involved.
  • Create a lead generation tool.
  • Reward a single winner or up to 300 fans.


This program surpassed all expectations. During the 2019 SEC Conference season, Kentucky averaged over 3,000 participants per trivia game. By turning off the arena lights during the game, Kentucky created a visual spectacle that captivated fans and promoted participation. Kentucky also incentivized fans by rewarding the top winner a basketball signed by Head Coach, John Calipari. As the featured sponsor, Coca-Cola later distributed prize packs to winners each game. The University garnered thousands of names, phone numbers, and emails from the form submission filled out after the game. These fans were added to Kentucky's fan communications and marketing lists.

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