Gathering an audience is the first step in creating an awesome music event, which is why Eventbrite absolutely must be in your event-hosting toolkit. Eventbrite allows you to easily create event listings in just minutes. But the ease and speed of set-up doesn’t reflect the quality of the listings at all. On the contrary, the listing pages have built-in payment processing, analytics, mobile ticket scanning, and social media integration. This means that you can spend less time creating a great invitation, and more time creating a phenomenal event. Let’s take a look at each of those built-in features, so you can see just how easy Eventbrite makes the invitation process.

Payment Processing

You can accept credit cards and cash, look up orders, and print tickets in the Eventbrite app… all at the door. Now you don’t have to worry about last-minute attendees.


You can keep track of sales, data, insights, and reports about your event, all within the app.

Mobile Ticket Scanning

Gone are the days of dealing with paper tickets. Now you can get your audience in the door faster with mobile ticket scanning technology.

Social Media Integration

Find more event goers through the integrated social media option on Eventbrite. Choose from the top social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.


The best way to hold your audience’s attention is to surprise them with something absolutely mind-blowing and unexpected. A light show using their cell phones perfectly hits the spot. (Hint: they’ll go nuts.)

CUE’s audio technology allows you to conduct synchronized light shows, coordinate selfies, play trivia games, and more— all without worrying about Wi-Fi signal, Bluetooth, or cellular connectivity.

Concert goers love being a part of the show, and there’s no better way to encourage their participation than by having them sing along to their favorite songs! With CUE, you can display the music lyrics right on your attendees’ phone screens in real time.

You can also reward your attendees with digital coupons and discounts during the event, or increase sales by encouraging them to view online merchandise on their phones.

But how exactly does all this work? By encoding data into high-frequency, ultrasonic audio that smartphones can hear but people cannot. Ultrasonic communication is a new varient of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology; as CUE explains on its website, “By relaying data through inaudible, high-frequency sound waves, metadata can be embedded into any music or television broadcast, or even played silently without any accompanying audio.”

Incredible technology for you to create an incredible concert that will rock your audience’s socks off.

Once you have your audience through the door, you need to hold their attention with awesome audio visual presentation. One of the best ways to immerse your attendees in the experience is with a video wall from Meeting Tomorrow.

A video wall can help add a totally new dimension to your concert, creating a dynamic backdrop that will hold their attention throughout your entire music event. From picture slideshows and videos to virtual reality, the video wall has endless potential for audience engagement.

Meeting Tomorrow provides video wall rentals throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. They also offer impressive next-day and same-day deliveries.