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With the CUE Live app open on a nearby smartphone and your volume up on your desktop, click on the icons to broadcast ultrasonic CUEs and to create a second-screen experience on your phone.

ACF Church

May 2018

Use: Light Show
Goal: Create engaging guest experience during the Christmas Eve service.


70% +




CUE successfully provided an amazing crowd experience for ACF Church by synchronizing the congregations’ smartphones to live music, using both the device display and torch. Attendees and performers were equally stunned by the visuals.

"Working with CUE Audio was a great experience for myself and our church. CUE set up a fantastic light show through their app to complement a special song we were doing for our Christmas Eve services. The app was surprisingly easy to use for our congregation, and we were floored by the amount of participation we got in our services! It really brought the ‘wow’ factor, and brought a lot of smiles to faces (including mine). An overall great experience."

– Mason Venhaus Worship Pastor ACF Church

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CUE Audio transmits data via ultrasonic audio signals to any sound-based device, allowing for customizable second-screen experiences and secure data transfers, without the need for Wi-Fi or network connectivity.

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